Frontier Charter School 

Established in 2003, Frontier Charter School continues its vibrant commitment to serve homeschool families. We believe in parental involvement in custom tailoring the child’s education. We believe that parents can be their child’s best facilitators of learning. We believe in being on the leading edge of educational possibilities.

New to homeschooling? At Frontier Charter School we offer options like blended learning. Students can attend classes part-time at colleges or public schools in the area. Or attend small group sessions with other homeschooled children.
You may be feeling a little panicked about what to do to keep your kids busy while they’re off school. No worries! Staycations can be pleasant for everyone—especially with a bit of planning.
Did you know that we have one of the highest allotments in Alaska? Frontier’s homeschool students receive a student fund account to supplement one year of a student’s homeschool education.
Frontier Charter School is dedicated to providing homeschoolers with the best possible learning experience. We stand by our commitment to ensure that homeschoolers get only the best curriculum fit for their needs. Get to know your options and talk to our academic advisor today!
Are you a parent wondering what to do if your senior homeschooler has decided not to go on for college? Worry not, because there are a variety of options available. One option is an apprenticeship, which combines classroom instruction and job training; there are more than 15 programs available.
Homeschooling can be one of the most fulfilling experiences for you and your child, as they have more opportunities to explore their creativity and develop a deep love of learning. We’d love to be of help to your child’s homeschooling journey.

2 Locations

400 W. NORTHERN LIGHTS BLVD., Ste. 6, Anchorage AK 99503

16707 CORONADO RD., Eagle River AK 99577

Contact info

Phone: 907-742-1181

Fax: 907-742-1188